Sunday, 11 November 2012

UPGRADE| Christmas or november ?

My whole beginning of november I have spent revising writing essays and basicly it was around school. I have my mock a level exams coming up, which i need to focus on. Although I haven't been on my blog for ages I'm trying my best to find some time and think of some good post to write.  Today it was such a beautiful so i took my camera out and my friend and we took some outfit of the day pictures. They turned out amazing. Bare with me and I will post them today as soon as possible. I will edit them and upload them from my camera as I didn't t had the time to as my philosophy teacher set us a 12 sided pages long essay hand written of course it was a nightmare but i've done it. 

From today i'm gonna write a Christmas countdown as it's only 6 weeks left till Christmas! I can already feel the christmassy feel whenever i put on my big black jacket and m boots on. The only problem is that there is no snow yet! I really can't wait till Christmas comes as all my family is coming together, the food is delicious  and of course how can i forget about receiving gifts and presents. 

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