Tuesday, 13 November 2012

a shoe obsession?

I am defiantly a shoe addict, a shoe lover or I am just genially being a women.By doing some online shopping I have notice there are so many nice, cute and super-hot booties. I fell in love with boots this fall. I personally only own 2 pars of boots. Which are a basic black boots on a 2.5inch heel and some biker combat brown ones. I love them but a women should never have enough of shoes in her closet. From motorcycle shoes to really elegant ones for those days went your going put with your loved one, either they are all beautiful and wish I could own all of them. This is what I am loving at the moment, of course in the shoes category.

 All shoes are from - ZARA


Sunday, 11 November 2012

i've been touched by angels.

Jumper- h&m / Shirt-Primark / Leggings-select / Hat-camden town / Shoes- tk-maxx

UPGRADE| Christmas or november ?

My whole beginning of november I have spent revising writing essays and basicly it was around school. I have my mock a level exams coming up, which i need to focus on. Although I haven't been on my blog for ages I'm trying my best to find some time and think of some good post to write.  Today it was such a beautiful so i took my camera out and my friend and we took some outfit of the day pictures. They turned out amazing. Bare with me and I will post them today as soon as possible. I will edit them and upload them from my camera as I didn't t had the time to as my philosophy teacher set us a 12 sided pages long essay hand written of course it was a nightmare but i've done it. 

From today i'm gonna write a Christmas countdown as it's only 6 weeks left till Christmas! I can already feel the christmassy feel whenever i put on my big black jacket and m boots on. The only problem is that there is no snow yet! I really can't wait till Christmas comes as all my family is coming together, the food is delicious  and of course how can i forget about receiving gifts and presents. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Trick or Treat ?

I love Halloween so of course with no doubt I had to dress up, even though I didn't do anything special that day. I prepared to scare my boyfriend and it worked but he got me back looking very scary. His face was done in a way it looked like it was burned- so cool! I wanted to be a witch/vampire or whatever you think i looked like :) It was a fantastic day as I took my friends and my brother to walk around houses. My brother have so many sweets and chocolates now its like a lifetime supply. I hope everyone celebrated this day scaring people or at least getting scared by those horror movies you have watched. 

These are some pictures I want to share with you, I hope you like it. My makeup and my hair were done by me and my outfit was done by me and my mum.