Wednesday, 25 July 2012



i know i haven't been posting anything lately but i didn't had internet for quite a long time, Also, the weather in England had finally got better and its around 30 degrees so i'm just enjoying the sun for as loong as i can because i know that for sure you never know what can happen with British weather. I got some pictures from Hyde park and i'm gonna post them tomorrow. 

Byeeeee and thank you for reading,

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Chanel Lover


Yes you heard it !  I recently checked Chanel new summer collection and i cant believe how amazing it looked. I think i like all of the white outfits. These remind me of those summer late nights when you are wearing a white crochet dress and everyone is enjoying them self next to a fire and singing songs. On the other hand the fitted dresses brings out the feminine side of me, however the chiffon dresses makes me feel like a girl, which i am insanely in love. The patterns used in this collection are very settled which are absolutely gorgeous. In my opinion i do not like very loud outfits as they create chaos in my head, that is why i adore Chanel for their sophisticated looks which never fails to please me. Karl Lagerfeld always takes his collection to the next level and seems to enjoy surprising all the woman around the world with his newest perfections. 

You can see the whole collection on this website :,5

And here are some of my favorite: 

                                         Klaudia x

Mint Trend Summer 2012

Mint plus crochet! Gosh how much i love this combination. The mint pencil skirt is just a perfect piece that should be found in your closet. You can dress it up and down to any occasions. The picture above illustrates the perfect outfit for a summer party or a wedding. the crochet top added a very feminine touch which created a very soft and settle  look. I literally fell in love with this outfit when i saw it.! 

Mint is a big trend this summer so play with it by adding layers and textures. Make it your own trend!

These are few ideas :) 

DRESS WITH FLARED SKIRT, ZArA                                                                                          ASOS ARRAN SWEATER

 Klaudia x

Hello people,

I took a trip to vintage shops with my friends and this is what i wore. Sadly, i didn't found anything that i liked-but the world does not end on that ;)

I'm loving the colour blue trend and the flower print, so i have combined these to using a royal blue blazer and a blue/red flower print top both from h&m. These zara trousers as a suede flower print on it as well but as you can see it didn't show up on the picture. On top of that i paired it with my topshop shoes which added edge to this outfit.

Klaudia x

Friday, 20 July 2012

NAILS | my nails


Finally today I've got my nails done! the previous once were so long and annoying so i had to get them done. I choose to do them short and pointy. 
It is a shellac gel nail polish which makes your nails look so shiny, vibrant and very stylish. Also, its very long lasting- up to 3-4 weeks! 
The colour is Hot Pink- however the colour is more likely to be barbie pink/fuchsia so don't be surprised if the colour does not look like the name of it. Overall, i'm very pleased at the result.  

-the cost goes from £25+ in nails studios.
-last up to 3-4 weeks.
-can be done on your natural nails as well as fake.

Klaudia x


I'm on now! 

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Thursday, 19 July 2012


My First Look,

I have chosen to wear these Zara beige trousers which are perfect to me. I added a neon touch with this new look shirt to add a little bit of color paring this outfit with gold jewellery. These Primark fake snake skin shoes added pattern to this outfit and it was such a bargain. My bag is my mum's.

Blazer+t-shirt+jewellery-new look
shoes+belt -primark
bag-my mum's

Klaudia x

My First Blog Post!

Hello everyone,
I'm new to blogging so it will take me a while to figure this out. Surprisingly, i am looking forward to post my my ideas and thoughts about fashion. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as i like posting post.

Thank you for reading,
Klaudia x