Monday, 8 April 2013

Makeover please?

I love to play around with make up and hair, i mean which girl doesn't? During this half term i have meet up with my friend and we played a makeover, she is a beauty without make up but a little more perfection wont hurt anyone. I though i would give her the 'pumper day' that she needed by washing and curling her hair and giving her a glamours make up that will defiantly give her the confidence and define the beautiful features she already has.

Personally, i think that make up is part of your character; your outfit; as fashion it describes what kind of person you are. Make up perfects your imperfections and by controlling it you can hide or bring out any part of you face (eg. the color of your eyes). A settle brown make up will give definition to your eyes on those quick and lazy days however a dark smokey eye or a red lip will give you that sexy feature that screams PARTY! Either way you apply your make up, if you do it right the confidence should be raised! 


EYES: I have used NYX palette in number s101 to create a brown/copper smokey eye to extenuate her green eyes, smudging the brown eye liner very closely to your lash line with a copper eye shadow will give you that Mary-Kate Olsen look ( both on the top and bottom lid) . A highlight in a golden color on the brow bone and in the cones of your eyes will open up your eyes. A very thin line of black gel liner on top of the lid. Line your tight line (both top and bottom) with black eye liner pencil to close up your eyes giving you that effortless chic look. For you lashes, curl them with a eye lash curler, for mascara (L'Oreal voluminous in carbon black) 3 coats both top and bottom to give that dramatic false lash effect. 

FACE: Foundation (Face Infinity all day flawless in Warm Almond), concealer (L'Oreal True Match in Vanilla) for her under eye circles and any blemishes, and any transparent powder to set the foundation and the concealer in. For bronzer and blusher and highlight on her cheek bone i have used the NYX palette in S101. 

LIPS: I have used a little bit of pink Vaseline. 


I have curled the hair with hair straightener, before that i have washed and dry-blown her hair. The products i have used are a heat protect and hairspray.

Before- No make-up, hair dry-blown. 

With Make-up

With Make-up and hair done. 

Thank you for reading, 

Klaudia x