Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to style a white blazer?

Recently, I've been wanting a white blazer, as for me its a essential in your wardrobe to have at least two blazers, a white one and a black one. I of course own a black blazer already, and for the past few weeks a white blazer is something that appeared in my wish list. However, I own a lot of things and another blazer in my wardrobe would be unnecessary as I already own 4. So I have created these looks to help me try and create different outfits for different occasions  The outfits that I created are looks I would personally wear. Each outfit have a different purpose. I love all of them, this will show you how can you style  a basic white blazer and turn to a party look or sophisticated, clean office appropriate look. 


1. A simple white blazer paired with dark washed jeans will give a balance as well as contrast between the main pieces of your outfit. I choose to do a colour block for more intense and interesting look (on dates you want to attract your partner, and colour is what you need). Blue top and black accessories would be boring so for shoes I choose a sexy red stiletto heel which is feminine and will give the outfit a girly, flirty look.

2. Personally I love a clean white look with extra brown accessories that adds a touch of colour, very settled though. White blazer, white jeans and a white top gives you a straight line which makes you look taller and slimmer. The brown heel and huge sunglasses adds a trendy finish to this office/work look. 

3. It's Party Time! a white blazer paired with orange high waisted shorts and a black bustier its a perfect combinations for a night out clubbing or a house party. The orange shorts are a fun way to give that touch of colour to your outfits. However, full attentions is probably faced towards those gorgeous sparkly, gold high heels that just screams party. A pair of amazing heels makes a girl look sexy and ready to dance. 

 4. for those casual shopping days you want to make yourself feel comfortable and 'lazy' but you still want to keep your style and make your outfit look 'well putted together' (if you know what I mean). A pair of boyfriend jeans and an over sized jumper will make the deal. Throwing a white blazer over an over sized jumper will give you that street style. Putting a nice big hat and a pair of brown booties will make the deal. 


  1. I love these sets! Specially casual!
    But all of them look amazing!
    Thank you for your lovely comment! :)

  2. Red pumps are always a good statement.