Monday, 20 August 2012

Gucci premiere

I fell in love with the Gucci première perfume advert. The dress, the make up and everything looked so glamorous and elegant. Simply amazing! Blake Lively looks stunning. i though i would share the photo from the advert. 

 Klaudia x

MY STYLE | 20-08-12


I know i havent been updating my blog for a long time, im really sorry but i was busy and the weather was very good as well so i went out a lot. Luckily i had time to take some pictures today (which my 10 year old brother took) before going out with my boyfriend.

I have found this dress in my closet today and i haven't wore it for ages and i though i could work with it for today. It is a tk-maxx dress which has a lot of lace details on and i love the movement it has, perfect little dress for summer. The belt is a simple black belt with a gold detail on which balanced my frame a little as it is making my waist appear smaller than my hips and shoulders. All of my accessories such as my flower and my bag are black which added a little bit of contrast to the nude dress. However the shoes have a coral/pinky flower patter at the front of it which added colour to this 2 toned outfit.

Dress- tk-maxx
Sunglasses+belt+ flower- new look
Bag- Zara
Shoes- ebay 
Bracelet- gift  

Klaudia x

Monday, 13 August 2012


 Some pictures I like lately. Inspirations and some really random ones. 

Klaudia x

Boredom ?

So, today have been an extremely boring day and it haven't finish. I thought I would entertain myself by taking my camera out and take some pictures. My camera is like a cure for my boredom- like my second boyfriend.  Since I came back from my holidays I haven't done anything apart from cleaning my room and my closet (that's a second thing I do when I'm really bored- can i get any more weird?) and i found my pair of braces/suspenders I was so happy to find them as I thought I lost them. They were the key to my outfit. I took my hight waisted leggings and some orange top from pull&bear which I found on sales- it added a little bit of colour to my dull day. The thing that I haven't taken off since I brought it is my ankle bracelet. It is my new love in my jewellery box.

leggings- zara
top- pull&bear
jewellery- gifts/markets  
suspenders- primark

Klaudia x

Sunday, 12 August 2012


My attempt 

MY STYLE | Pink leggingsss

Out and about with my family so my look had to be casual not to dressy. I had these pink leggings which are amazing so i paired it up with a black blazer ans shoes and the leggings are the centre of the attention. I think this look is quite easy as its all the wardrobe essentials. Leggings, a top and a blazer with plain black shoes. Simple but effective

t-shirt + blazer- new look
leggings - h&m
flats- zara
no jewellery

Hope you had a good day,

Klaudia x

Dior ?!

 I love the length of these dresses, so chic and elegant. The black dress specially reminds me of the 20's which i adore ass they were so feminine. 

Sorry for not posting lately i've been busy but i will post more.

Klaudia x

Tuesday, 7 August 2012



I know i have been away for few days but i am currently on holiday and I am not able to update my blog. However, i have took quite a lot pictures which i am going to put on if you want to check them out you can click on this website I am enjoying every second of it but i promise i will be back from next week. here are some photos.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

MY STYLE | Olympics- Volleyball 01-08-12


i watched a match yesterday for Olympics Volleyball match. USA vs China, were USA of course won! I'm gonna upload more pictures later. But this is what i wore. I took my tube pants from river island and added a  Adidas jumper and sneakers. A jean jacket added a casual touch which made me look casual and comfortable.

Klaudia x

PHOTOS | 31-07-12

Hello everyone,
I know i haven't updated my blog for very long but on 31-07-12 i went to see Stonehenge and visited a beautiful village Bath. It was amazing, the architecture was very interesting.  Here are some pictures for you to see:

Klaudia x