Tuesday, 16 October 2012

FASHION | My inspiration?

Okey, I was planning to do this post for a long time now and I did a massive research looking for the perfect photos of her and I finally found them. After hours of looking through online magazines, google and her own website I found one of my favourites outfits!
So you're reading through this now and think who the hell could be that. 

Kim Kardashian ladies and gentlemen  yes, you read it right, I think that she is such a stylish person and amazingly fashionable, always on trend no matter what. from very casual to beautiful evening dresses Kim always dresses to kill and thats what I love about her. her polished makeup and hair falls perfectly on her shoulders I am never disappointed in her.  I personally love all the outfits with the wide leg trousers, in my opinion these are very sexy and elegant! 

Do you think Kim is Stylish ? If so which outfit do you like the most? Comment below :)

Klaudia x 


  1. Hello my dear :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment!

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  2. For sure!! I love all her sisters. I like kim's style, but kourtney has more of my style.
    Love them all though. ;)

    Would love it if you could check out my blog. And if you'd like we could follow each other on GFC. Please let me know! xx


  3. impossible not to love her style:)) would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin and maybe facebook?? let me know dear:))