Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tall girls problems.

Tall girls problems.

I want to write a post about that as tall girls are very self-concern about their hight. Girls who are considered tall are those who are 5foot,9inch or above that. The first thing that pops into my head when thinking about that hight is, am I be able to wear hight heels? Yes you are. Personally, I am 5foot 9inch which it is considered as tall.

This summer I started to be more interested in fashion because I discovered and while looking through all those beautiful girls who had an amazing sense of fashion, and who wore hight heels all the time and look fabulous. I thought to my self I want to be like them, I want to look like them, I want to create my own blog, I want to enjoy telling people about my own style. I started to play around my cloths and fashion trying to create something new and fresh. However, each outfit didn't look as good without the heels on. While trying my mums heels on I notice my high. I didn't feel comeftable in them and it made me really concern about my height. Since begging of the summer till now I hated my height with passion, I would do anything to be smaller and wear high heels. I always told myself I'm not allowed to wear hight heels because I'm too tall for that and girls with my hight are not 'allowed'. Look at all those models who are even tall than you and wear all those skyscraper heels and look absolutely amazing. Models like Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, karolina kurkova, they are all 175cm or even taller and how fabulous they look with heels on?

All of that was not true. Who said tall girls are not allowed to wear high heels? Who said that tall girls are not allowed to buy them? No one. After reading few articles about how to bust my confidence so that I would force myself to wear high heels and it worked.Tall girl are BORN to wear hight heels, it makes your beautiful long legs even more sexier . Each outfit looks more fashionable 
and chic. Don't look at anyone else and tell them that I am beautiful in my own way and if I feel confidante in heels I will wear them.

So put those hight heels on and rock them. That is what I did and I regret nothing. However, in my opinion the highest heels wore by a tall girl is nothing more than 8cm as it doesn't give that much difference between your hight and it will make you look good, not huge. In my opinion a resenable heel will look fabulous on tall girls. Don't be affraid of them! Just out them on and feel like a model.

Have confidence, and remember you only live once.

Klaudsiia x

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