Saturday, 21 July 2012

Chanel Lover


Yes you heard it !  I recently checked Chanel new summer collection and i cant believe how amazing it looked. I think i like all of the white outfits. These remind me of those summer late nights when you are wearing a white crochet dress and everyone is enjoying them self next to a fire and singing songs. On the other hand the fitted dresses brings out the feminine side of me, however the chiffon dresses makes me feel like a girl, which i am insanely in love. The patterns used in this collection are very settled which are absolutely gorgeous. In my opinion i do not like very loud outfits as they create chaos in my head, that is why i adore Chanel for their sophisticated looks which never fails to please me. Karl Lagerfeld always takes his collection to the next level and seems to enjoy surprising all the woman around the world with his newest perfections. 

You can see the whole collection on this website :,5

And here are some of my favorite: 

                                         Klaudia x

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  1. Love Chanel! This collection is to die for!!! You have such an inspiring blog :) Would you like to perhaps to follow each other here and on Bloglovin?